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Where To Find Cheryl Cole’s Sexy Tights
Posted by richard | November 2, 2010

Now this is what you call viral marketing!

After British singer Cheryl Cole performed her latest single on the UK talent show X-Factor last week, retailers were instantly swamped with orders for Cheryl’s wicked strappy thigh-highs.

The object of this sudden obsession is Wolford’s Bondage

Ready or not, August is creeping quickly upon us, which means two things: firstly,  you’re either dreading going back to school (me) or rejoicing at the thought of it (parents); and, secondly, (this I am actually excited for), August marks the month of fall fashion …

Wolford Fall-Winter 2010-11 Lingerie Collection

Austrian luxury brand Wolford has become such a dominant force in stylish high-end legwear, it’s sometimes easy to overlook their lingerie offerings.

But as these early shots from the Wolford collection for fall-winter 2010-11 show, there’s a lot to admire in the company’s lingerie …

Individual 12 Stay-Hip Tights from Wolford
Hot Dots Tights from Wolford
Dazzle Tights from Wolford
Fringe Tights from Wolford

Hosiery and tights always seem to be the last of my concerns when it comes to planning an outfit, and it’s a shame, because tights can literally transform an otherwise blasé outfit into something very eye-catching.

And it seems like this spring, legwear is bigger …