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VPL’s Improved Visibility
Posted by richard | September 18, 2012

If you’re one of those people who has so far resisted the allure of trend-leading underwear label VPL, prepare to surrender.

The New York-based creator of those sporty color-blocked designs with the uber-cool wide elastic straps takes a slight detour this fall with a …

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VPL’s Invisible Revolution
Posted by richard | February 8, 2012

When the cool New York label VPL debuted almost a decade ago, the concept of lingerie as outerwear was still something more suited to fashion runways than city streets. Today, that trend is part of the style mainstream and VPL deserves no small part of …

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Preview: VPL’s Knotty Live Show
Posted by richard | May 9, 2011

There’s lots happening over at the uber-creative VPL, which has got a special treat in store tonight.

The trendsetting New York label is debuting an installation/performance piece featuring the combined talents of designer Victoria Bartlett and rope-sculpture artist Orly Genger.

If you’re in …

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VPL’s Shimmering 2011 Resort Collection
Posted by amy | December 13, 2010

Victoria Bartlett plays fast and loose with the concept of seasonal fashion collections, and isn’t shy about releasing pre-season capsule collections or other bits and pieces from her much-admired label VPL (Visible Panty Line) when the moods suits her or public demand warrants it.

A …

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VPL’s Dusky Palette Revamped For 2011
Posted by richard | September 25, 2010
VPL Fashion Week 2010
VPL Fashion Week 2010

Victoria Bartlett’s label, VPL, is expected to make a big splash (again) next year when the New York designer’s spring 2011 collection hits the boutiques.

Last week, VPL’s Fashion Week runway show proved the trendsetting label is ready to stake its claim as North …

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