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Dirty Dozen: The Kinkiest Valentine’s Gift Guide Ever
Posted by richard | February 11, 2013

Is this the year that sex toys finally come out of the closet … or the nightstand … or the Tupperware in your sock drawer … or wherever you’ve been hiding them all these years?

The erotic novelties industry is bracing for its biggest Valentine’s …

Celebrate The Beauty Within
Posted by Melmira Boutique | February 4, 2013

Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of romance or, for you single ladies, a celebration of independence and desirability. To put it simply, a woman is most attractive when she is confident in her self and her body, regardless of age and size.

Finding the …

A Valentine’s Poem From Fleur
Posted by richard | February 2, 2013

Valentine’s Day awakens the poet in us … or at least it used to, before tablets and tweets zapped the verse out our daily discourse.

This year, though, UK luxury label Fleur of England is hoping to revive the poetry in our souls with a …

Video Valentine #3: You Do Something To Me
Posted by richard | February 14, 2011

… which may explain why we shower you with gifts, compliments and attention on Valentine’s Day (and, hopefully, other days as well).

This very flirty, Marilyn-esque film was shot by Cliff Watts in 2004 to coincide with a Cosmo editorial on ScarJo, and worth many …

Video Valentine (#2): 5:55, by Charlotte Gainsbourg
Posted by richard | February 14, 2011

A totally different take on love that just oozes longing and regret, and which captures Charlotte Gainsbourg‘s haunting appeal beautifully. Also makes for a pretty decent lingerie video, too.

This is from Charlotte’s first album. Watch it at 5 a.m., with someone you love, …

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