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There’s a certain logic in the lingerie industry that says fall is the time to put away your brights and whites and settle in for another long winter of dark underthings.

But Princesse Tam Tam, the eternally chic cult label from Paris, is having …

Spring Looks From Princesse Tam Tam
Posted by amy | March 7, 2011

You know that spring is just around the corner when we get a new collection of peppy, preppy underthings from the adorable French label Princesse Tam Tam.

Once again fronted by Dutch model Marloes Horst, the first 2011 collection from PTT includes about …

So Zazou: Princesse Tam Tam’s Jazzy New Collection
Posted by melanie | September 24, 2010
Ella bra and brief | Princesse Tam Tam

We gave you a little preview this week of Princesse Tam Tam’s latest collection and their new viral campaign ‘Undress like a Princesse’ — now let’s take a closer look and see what flirty P. Tam Tam has in store for fall.

The …

Undress like a princesse_Princesse Tam Tam

Parisian lingerie label Princesse Tam Tam has launched a viral marketing campaign, ‘Undress Like You Feel’, and wants you in on the action!

The print advertisements feature Marloes Horst (above), as well as some new faces, wearing items from the new PTT collection (which I …

It seems like only last week we were raving about Dutch model Marloes Horst and hailing her as this year’s hottest lingerie model.

Well, no sooner had we spoken than one of our favorite brands, Princesse Tam Tam of Paris, released these shots of …

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