Bravissimo Customers Featured In 2010 Campaign
Posted by melanie | March 26, 2010
Bravissimo models Leela Tikador and Katie Hardy
Bravissimo models Jess Edwards and Patricia Arteaga

Bravissimo, a UK brand specializing in lingerie and swimwear in D-KK cup sizes, has decided to forgo fashion models for their Spring/Summer 2010 advertising campaign, and instead hire real-life customers. The decision has been warmly embraced considering many fashion models do not represent the …

Inspired By The Lake and Stars
Posted by melanie | March 25, 2010
'Vantage Point' one-piece swimsuit in black microfiber and pinstriped mesh with rubber-stitched belt, by The Lake and Stars

The Lake and Stars, whose name derives from a Victorian euphemism for a woman’s skill in the bedroom (I’m still trying to figure it out), combines sensuality, humor and intelligence to create a new vision of feminine style.

I first discovered the New York-based …

Rosa Cha: Sizzling Swimwear
Posted by melanie | March 25, 2010
Rosa Cha Spring Collection
Rosa Cha Spring Collection
Rosa Cha Spring Collection
Rosa Cha Spring Collection

“Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, not-for-the-faint-of-heart bikini…” If you’re looking for swimwear infused with high-fashion, glamor and sex appeal, Rosa Cha is the brand that embodies all those qualities – and then some.

Let’s just say that Rosa Cha is a brand geared towards the type of people …

Why Not Try Tie-Dye Underwear?
Posted by nicole | March 23, 2010

You don’t just get underwear from lingerie brands. In fact, sometimes you find some really fun undies by looking at folks who are doing specialty clothing lines.

Such is the case with Tied Up & Dyed.

Tied Up & Dyed is a small company …

Jolidon’s Extraordinary Teddies
Posted by nicole | March 22, 2010
Black Sheer Teddy by Jolidon

Jolidon is a Romanian lingerie label that is known for its swimwear – but did you know that it makes some extraordinary lingerie? At Lingerie Talk, our favorites in the Jolidon lingerie line are the teddies.

Teddies are not in the fashion spotlight these …

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