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Jean-Paul Gaultier Bras in Elle Shoot
Posted by amy | June 2, 2010
Elle Magazine photo by Serge Leblon

Elle Magazine photo by Serge Leblon

Couture designer extraordinaire Jean-Paul Gaultier is never shy about finding new and shocking ways to display his creations. Fitting, then, that some new Gaultier lingerie pieces are featured prominently in a fashion editorial layout in the latest Elle magazine.

Shot by Serge Leblon with model …

Adriana Lima’s Post-Baby Blues
Posted by richard | June 2, 2010
Adriana Lima for Victoria's Secret

In the cool blue light just before dawn she curls up in the window well, still wearing the garter and stockings from the night before, waiting for the new day to declare itself.

Such are the fantasies that come to mind when viewing the latest …

Miley Cyrus Bares All – Sort Of
Posted by amy | June 1, 2010
Miley Cyrus in Bodysuit

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. First Britney, the Hilary, now Miley.

Yup, teen queen Miley Cyrus took her I’m-a-woman-now rebellion public on the weekend, performing in Portugal while wearing this bold olive green satin bodysuit. Girl’s gonna break her daddy’s achey-breaky heart, …

Spotted! La Fee Verte Lingerie in Sex And The City 2
Posted by melanie | May 31, 2010
Infrared Peacock bra from La Fee Verte_

If any of you diehard Sex and the City fans ran to the theaters this past weekend to catch the much-anticipated sequel (I myself, prefer to hold out until the crowds have dwindled a little) you may have noticed, upon very close inspection, that Carrie …

Gemma Arterton: From Persia With Love
Posted by amy | May 26, 2010
Gemma Arterton

Better get used to Gemma Arterton, because you’re going to be seeing a lot of her. If 2010 has a face — and a figure — this is it.

The UK beauty is everywhere these days, and this weekend she’ll try to out-muscle SATC2

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