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KMD’s Funny ‘Sharks’ Campaign Has a Serious Bite
Posted by richard | July 10, 2015

What sets the British lingerie industry apart from every other country in the world? It has a sense a humour when it comes to selling the most giggle-worthy of private garments.

From comical designs to hilarious promo videos to brand names like Buttress & Snatch

Kiss Me Deadly’s Lusty Seven Deadly Sins
Posted by connie | March 10, 2011

British lingerie brand Kiss Me Deadly is known for their great retro pieces, mostly garters, girdles and bras. For Fall-Winter 2010 the label reinforced their image as a vintage-inspired brand with product images based on World War II ads. Now, KMD is back with …

Kiss Me Deadly’s Vintage Poster Girls
Posted by amy | October 26, 2010
Candy Box longline girdle | Kiss Me Deadly

Kiss Me Deadly has found a novel way to introduce its fall collection and reinforce its image as a vintage lingerie label.

The UK purveyor of classic girdles and garters launched its new lines last week with a series of poster-like images inspired by WWII-era …

Kiss Me Deadly Opens Online Shop
Posted by richard | July 26, 2010
Kiss Me Deadly | Jezebel Longline Knicker

Good news for lovers of classy retro lingerie styles: Kiss Me Deadly, the London-based label specializing in faux vintage girdles, stockings and related pieces, has finally added an online shop to its website.

This will be welcome news indeed to femme fatales everywhere, …

Jolie by Kiss Me Deadly

Tired of wearing your standard ‘go-to’ lingerie and wish you could slip into something a little more daring?

Luckily for you, Kiss Me Deadly is a lingerie line consisting of retro styles and dangerously sexy designs — although little touches of femininity keep these pieces …