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Beaver Fur Bra Liners
Posted by melanie | December 16, 2010

Today: Canadian Chill-Busters

The Gift: Fur Bra Liners
Perfect For: Canadian Girls
Price: $35
Shop: Fraser’s Furs

We Canucks have heavily insulated goose-down coats and accessories to keep us toasty throughout the frosty season, but let’s get real: unless you’re dressed like Randy Parker from …

I’ve previously mentioned that receiving socks on Christmas morning is a tradition in my family, and one that I love so much so that I set out to convert you here. As a matter of fact I am so weirdly fond of giving and …

Bondage For Freedom Gift Set
Posted by melanie | December 12, 2010

Today: Give With Restraint

The Gift: Bondage for Freedom Set
Perfect For: Naughties with a conscience
Price: $70
Shop: Coco de Mer

Are you, or is someone you know, naughty with a conscience? You know, constantly borrowing your friend’s clothing and hoping she’ll forget about …

French Lesson Panty Set
Posted by melanie | December 10, 2010

Today: The Language of Love

The Gift: Kiki de Montparnasse French Lesson Panty Set
Perfect For: Naughties Lost in Translation
Price: $295

Whether you’re in a relationship with a suave French exchange student (le sigh, my fantasy) or, like my friend, …

Skin Jewels From Bijoux Indescrets
Posted by melanie | December 7, 2010

Today: Add Some Private Sparkle
Vajazzling combo by Bijoux Indescrets

The Gift: Skin Jewels from Vajazzling
Perfect For: Attention Seekers
Price: $25
Shop: Vajazzling

We all have that friend (unless this ‘friend’ is you) who will jump atop a bar and clumsily belt out Britney Spears’ Toxic at the top …

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