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Lady Gaga - Yankee Stadium

When did this sort of thing become okay?

By now, most of you have probably seen the get-up that Lady Gaga wore to the Yankees game over the weekend. To say that it was lingerie-inspired would be charitable; she literally wore a sequined bra …

Rihanna - Elle Magazine July 2010

Music sensation Rihanna covers the July issue of Elle magazine, where she dishes on relationships, her latest CD Rated R, and her fashion evolution.

The Barbados-born fashion maven, known for her eclectic style, brings back classic glamour in a photo shoot filled with wild …

Miley Turns Up The Heat In Toronto
Posted by amy | June 21, 2010
Miley Cyrus at MMVAs 2010

Miley Cyru, Justin Bieber at MMVAs 2010

Any remaining doubts about what style direction Miley Cyrus is heading in were finally put to rest last night — and right here in Toronto, no less. It’s now official: Hannah Montana is R.I.P. and Miley is morphing into … Hilary Duff?

Well, maybe not …

Alice Eve: Beauty & Brains To Spare
Posted by richard | June 9, 2010
Alice Eve in Eres cami, vintage girdle - GQ Magazine

Yesterday we served up a new perspective on brainy actress Rose Byrne; today, once again courtesy of GQ Magazine, we put the same spotlight on UK beauty Alice Eve.

Alice is one of a large crop Hollywood late bloomers who are turning …

Rose Byrne In Sexy GQ Shoot
Posted by richard | June 8, 2010
Rose Byrne for GQ Magazine

Actress Rose Byrne has been one of my favorites for several years, and always seemed on the cusp of mega-stardom if she could only find that perfect starring vehicle. The plot-challenged Knowing certainly wasn’t it, and the cable gem Damages is, well, lost in cable-land.…

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