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How’s this for a client list? Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, LiLo, Pink, Katy Perry, Britney, Paris Hilton, SJP, Fergie, Courtney Love … and too many more to count.

For Marlies Dekkers, the fiercely original Dutch lingerie designer and tireless entrepreneur, celebrity name-dropping is …

Sleek Charlize Theron Shoot For Elle France
Posted by amy | July 15, 2010
Charlize Theron | Elle France

Charlize Theron lands the cover of Elle France this month, but most of the ensuing buzz isn’t about her revealing lingerie shots inside the magazine.

Looking almost gaunt in some photos, the sleeker-than-usual Charlize has got many people wondering if she’s the magazine industry’s latest …

Lindsay Lohan in Undrest Lingerie For GQ Germany
Posted by amy | July 15, 2010
Lindsay Lohan_GQ Germany_August 2010_4

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan made headlines (sigh) again last month when she was spotted in Malibu doing a photoshoot dressed like an extra from 10,000 B.C. Well, we can finally see what all that fuss was about.

LiLo actually looks quite sporting in the shot …

I know what you’re all probably thinking. That poor Lady Gaga:

  • must have lost her luggage at the airport;
  • wore the same outfit to the ballgame last week;
  • really should invest in some Spanx;
  • all of the above.

No matter, this is the kind …

Lingerie To Die For – Or In!
Posted by melanie | June 28, 2010

There are countless reasons why I love True Blood: the seedy, redneck underbelly of fictitious Bon Temps, La.; the campy, often hilariously outrageous, story lines; the outlandish ‘fang-banging’ characters; and, of course, the cunning, sly and oh-so-sexy vampires.

And with so many sexy vampires, …

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