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A Sensuous Sequel from Lascivious
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 1, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker isn’t the only fetish-tinged sequel guaranteed to titillate the senses and taunt the censors this year.

Lascivious, the playfully erotic UK lingerie pioneer, has teamed up once again with Polish photographer Szymon Brodziak to create a lusty portfolio that will help you figure out what to do with the brand’s sexy garments and accessories.

If you’ll recall, Lascivious and Brodziak first collaborated in 2013 with a wildly daring monochrome photo campaign (below) depicting a range of amorous adventures. Perhaps best known for its use of Lascivious’ unambiguous ‘Blow Me’ men’s boxers, the 2013 project pushed lingerie marketing far past its traditional boundaries and into the realm of erotic art.


So what do these two collaborators have in store three years after that groundbreaking project? Well, you’ll have to wait and see. Lascivious, which helped introduce open-cup and peekaboo bras into the boudoir wardrobe of modern women, knows a thing or two about seductive teasing — so it’s rolling out the new photo campaign gradually. Prepare to squirm in anticipation.

To date, fewer than 10 glorious images have been released, with promises of more to come as the brand’s spring collection reaches the market. And while they’re stunning, the new photos are considerably less openly sexual than their predecessors — more sizzle than steak this time, or just enough to whet your appetite and wet your whistle.

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But that doesn’t mean this is Lascivious Lite. The big difference here is that the new campaign features only one model — Brodziak’s wife Ana — instead of the randy group that cavorted in the 2013 series. The result is a portrait of what Lascivious calls “erotic intimacy” — each exquisitely composed image hints at a sensual private narrative shared only by the photographer and his muse, and tantalizingly out of reach for the casual viewer.

The campaign shots released so far feature a handful of pieces from the Lascivious SS17 collection, most notably a gleaming semi-transparent black latex bodysuit from William Wilde and the gold-tasseled Wanda playsuit/suspender — Brodziak gives us a very private view, from the vantage point of a partner lucky enough to have his or her nose tickled by the sensuous fronds.

Collage from Szymon Brodziak’s 2017 Calendar

Keep an eye on the Lascvious website in the weeks ahead as the photo campaign is rolled out. And if you want to see more of Brodziak’s extraordinary work, there are a few copies left of his 2017 wall calendar (above) which features a collection of highly original collages — this is the erotic imagination in full flight.


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