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Statement Piece: These Bras Send a Message to Trump
Posted by Lingerie Talk | January 16, 2017

Feminists from across America are preparing to gather for Saturday’s massive Women’s March on Washington and, in addition to bringing all those banners, placards and “Still With Her” buttons, some will be wondering what’s an appropriate outfit for such an occasion?

Two independent lingerie designers, working with a new social justice project, have come up with a pair of bra designs that will help send a message about women’s rights to the new Trump administration on Saturday.

Halifax-based Amie Cunningham and Piper Dalton of Portland, Ore., each contributed limited-edition designs to, an online portal that brings together creatives and community builders to promote dialogue around social issues. GoodSupport was founded by New York fashion designer Gretchen Jones, who won season eight of Project Runway in 2010.


The contributions from both designers don’t include protest slogans — there’ll be plenty enough of those to see on Saturday — but are rather meant to promote the vision of diversity and collective community action endorsed by GoodSupport.

Amie’s “Eye See You” soft bralette (above) features an original silkscreen design of two open eyes on a handprinted black-and-white organic jersey base, and sells for $55 USD in the GoodSupport webshop. Only 100 of the made-to-order pieces will be sold.

“I love the idea of drawing attention to your breasts in this way, as if to say ‘Yes, look here. I am a woman. I am confident and I’m not backing down for what I believe in and what I deserve,’” Amie told the Toronto Star on the weekend.

The “Eye See You” piece is an offshoot of Amie’s slow-fashion label, Thief & Bandit, which creates handprinted womenswear and intimates that are hand-sewn to order in her Nova Scotia studio. Its Facebook page features a series of images shot by Molly Quan that offer tips on how to style the bra as an outerwear statement during the WMW march.


Piper Dalton’s contribution to the project (above) might offer a bit more protection from Washington’s January chill — it’s a hand-loomed knit bralette made from sustainable bamboo yarn in a black-and-white pattern and also sells for $55. Only 55 of the Oregon knitwear designer’s bralettes will be sold.

Proceeds from both special bras will go toward a group of non-profit causes endorsed by GoodSupport, including the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and the Women’s March. The GoodSupport webshop includes a fully transparent cost breakdown for the production of each bra, showing where the money goes, how much is actually donated to the causes supported — $30 per item — and how the price markup differs from typical retail sales.

Watch for both of these statement pieces in the crowds on the Mall this Saturday.

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  1. Interesting idea to draw attention to a cause through fashion, but I can’t say i really get the concept… looks like Ying and Yang to me.

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