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One of the sad footnotes to the shocking death of Prince last month was the news that, only a few weeks earlier, he had secured trademarks for a planned clothing line. We may never know what His Purpleness had in mind, or whether a licensed Prince fashion line will ever come to market now, but the thought is tantalizing, isn’t it?

For the time being, Prince fans looking to make a bold statement to honor the music and fashion icon should get in line for the glamorous and sexy new ‘Purple Rain’ lingerie collection from Australian label KissKill.

It’s not hard to imagine that Prince himself would have adored the sexy fetish touches and the color scheme used here — in fact, the purple silk robe with white lace trim shown below looks like it came straight from his own wardrobe. And while he might not have been inclined (who knows?) to try on some of KissKill‘s racy underthings, it’s easy to picture Vanity, Apollonia or any of his most recent cast of female bandmates wearing these pieces on stage.

The full ‘Purple Rain’ set will not reach KissKill‘s webshop until July, but some items are already available.

Of course, it takes many months to put together a luxury lingerie collection like this, so it would be misleading to suggest this set was inspired by Prince. In fact, KissKill designer Jane Carrodus was putting the finishing touches on her as-yet-unnamed new range of royal purple and inky black pieces when news of the musician’s death shocked the world.

“The collection was not designed with Prince in mind, but I felt it would be a nice tribute as the highlight color for the collection is a rich shade of purple,” Jane told Lingerie Talk.


And coincidentally, she just happened to be a massive Prince fan.

“I did see a Prince concert in Melbourne in 2012,” she said. “It was I think the most amazing concert I have seen. I think the tickets were about $400, but so worth it. His passing is a huge loss.”

Jane shot the photo above, showing Prince performing ‘Purple Rain’ in Melbourne while the crowd was showered in gold confetti, during that show.

Many of the pieces in the KissKill‘s ‘Purple Rain’ grouping are updated versions of the most popular items from its earlier James Bond-inspired collections. Among the many provocative pieces here are the strappy, zippered shelf bras with matching zip panties, an NSFW ouvert bra and a see-through mesh bodysuit. A luxurious silk slip and lace-trimmed short robe add indulgent touches of glamour to this fiercely sexy assortment.

operates a store in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra, and offers inexpensive shipping for its international customers. North American shoppers should be mindful that size categories are different than those used by domestic brands, and contact KissKill to determine a matching size.

The ‘Purple Rain’ collection is being promoted with a new marketing campaign starring model Rhiannon Tragear-Ragg and a behind-the-scenes video that chronicles the shoot. Here’s a look at the new campaign.


CREDITS: Bonnie Hansen, photography; Rhiannon Tragear-Ragg, model;, props.

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