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Barneys Gets Personal
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 5, 2016

New York fashion hub Barneys pairs European luxury brands with a few homegrown indie labels in a spring lookbook that shows off the best lingerie and loungewear styles for spring.

The new campaign, called ‘Let’s Get Personal’, features a dozen brands ranging from Belgian couturière Carine Gilson‘s floral kimono (above) to American standout Cosabella‘s familiar stretch lace separates.

Some lesser-known indies also get a well-deserved shout-out here, including NYC brands Curriculum Vitae and Fleur Du Mal, along with the esoteric west coast label LFrank from jewelry designer Liseanne Frankfurt. If your wardrobe contains any of the pieces shown here, you get full marks for both taste and trend-watching.

The campaign was shot by Alexandra Nataf of Unconditional magazine, and New Yorkers might see some significance in Barneys’ decision to use two black models for the lookbook.

The iconic retailer was the focus of an attorney-general’s investigation two years ago into allegations of racial profiling in the treatment of black customers by store staff. The inquiry found systemic problems in store policies, and in late 2014 Barneys was fined $525,000 and ordered to implement numerous changes in company practices. Barneys accepted those findings without complaint and committed to reforming its corporate culture.

So is the appearance of a lingerie photo campaign that showcases black lingerie models (something Barneys hasn’t done in the past) a part of those reforms? Or maybe a nod to Black History Month? Or is it just the latest example of fashion leaders recognizing, and embracing, the need for more diversity in their marketing and customer relations?

Whatever the answer, and in any context, this is beautifully done.

Below are more images from the campaign, with brand names listed under each photo.

CREDITS: The model in the main photo above is Alecia Morais of Cape Verde. We haven’t located info for the other models, so if anyone recognizes them please let us know and we’ll update this post.

LFrank by Liseanne Frankfurt
Eres Paris
Kiki De Montparnasse
La Perla Maison
Fleur Du Mal
Curriculum Vitae
The Sleep Shirt
Stella McCartney’s ‘Fleur Dancing’ bodysuit
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