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A Brighter Side of Fortnight Lingerie
Posted by richard | January 12, 2016

There’s a bright pop of colour in the Spring 2016 collection from Fortnight Lingerie, as surprising and as welcome as the first crocuses that poke their heads up after a long winter.

The Toronto indie brand is renowned for its contemporary approach to classic lingerie, and that typically means a conservative palette of traditional hues like black, ivory and navy blue.

For its new collection, though, Fortnight introduces a bold neon lime green that gives its popular Luna range a colour-blocked swimwear look, and a peachy coral hue in its Mira range of figure-hugging slips, bras and briefs.

New coral (top) and nightshade hues expand the colour options in Fortnight’s spring line.

These are small but meaningful embellishments for a label that guards its brand identity very carefully and, over its six-year life, has consistently resisted trends that would dilute its style signatures. So when Fortnight mixes up its catalogue of “modern undergarment essentials”, you know it’s done with purpose.

The bright new colourways will lure younger buyers, but there’s also another rich new indigo hue here (called nightshade) that will appeal to traditionalists. Finally, the collection offers an original grey-white print (Fortnight‘s first) in a new style range called Willow that will satisfy the brand’s growing list of retail stockists who — let’s be honest — are always looking for something new to put in their shop windows.

Despite its growing presence in the lingerie market, Fortnight still crafts each garment by hand in its Toronto studio, with an attention to detail that is probably unrivaled among North American brands. Its seamstresses, the company says, pay “close attention to every stitch” while working with diverse modern fabrics like tencel, Italian jersey and power mesh.

To get a sense of how detailed-focused this small brand is, have a close look at the ‘Secret Garden’ photo campaign for the SS16 collection, which was shot in a Toronto studio using plenty of fresh flowers. Staffers got on their hands and knees to lay down moss “piece by piece” while set designer Adam Mallory “meticulously orchestrated a symphony of colours and textures,” the company says on a new blog post. Now that’s dedication.

Here are more images from Fortnight‘s Secret Garden lookbook, featuring Toronto model Alyson Bath photographed by Carlyle Routh. Watch for these styles to reach stores and the brand’s webshop on Jan. 22.


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    Very well explained!! There are so many lingerie brands in the market and competition grows more and more. That’s why every brand trying to provide something new to their customers and Spring 2016 collection from Fortnight Lingerie is one of them to attract buyers by providing bright new colourways!

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