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Wildfox’s Modern Valley of the Dolls
Posted by Lingerie Talk | November 30, 2015

Big hair, bigger makeup and see-through shortie nighties can only mean one thing: the over-the-top fashion excess of the post-Pill, pre-lib 1960s.

And Kimberley Gordon’s L.A. clothing brand Wildfox captures the almost cartoonish temper of the times in a fabulous lookbook for its 2015 Resort collection.

Titled ‘The Wildfox Girls of Beverly Hills’, it’s a note-perfect re-imagining of the setting for the 1966 novel and film Valley of the Dolls — an early template for today’s Real Housewives franchises, but without all the cosmetic surgery and revolving-door visits to rehab.

Using Valley of the Dolls as the inspiration for a youth-oriented fashion shoot is a bit problematic, though, given that Jacqueline Susann‘s potboiler was a study in hedonistic appetites and a tragedy fueled by drug use.

For the Wildfox shoot, photographers Mark Hunter and Steven Meiers keep things light and breezy and, in one visual pun, show the contents of a model’s purse — mostly makeup, plus a packet of something called “happy pills” (by comparison, the “dolls” in VOTD was a euphemism for downers like seconal and nembutal).

The campaign stars Kristina Peric and Vita Sidorkina as the Bardot-like sex kittens who, no doubt, have a bright future as eventual real housewives somewhere. For now, they get to romp around in Wildfox’s adorable assortment of playful lingerie, swimsuits, slogan tees and pop-art knitwear pieces.

As is customary for Wildfox, this is a big lookbook with more than two dozen outfits to savor (plus a page that explains how you can create 1960s makeup looks). Here’s a few we liked.

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  1. Steve says:

    I love the vintage sheer nylon lingerie.
    It’s got a glamorous look and feel that says the 60’s and I miss it.

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