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A Canadian photographer’s effort to “help women showcase their beauty and their power” by posing in lingerie also revealed something else: their compassion and kindness.

All of the 78 models featured in the glamorous photo-art book The Stockings Project, which went on sale this month, donated their services to help photographer Anthony Turano raise money for breast cancer research and awareness.

In fact, everyone involved in the book project — stylists, makeup artists, PR and talent agencies, and even the high-end hotels where most of the images were shot — volunteered or contributed their services for free.

Almost all of the exquisite lingerie fashions shown in the images were provided by Montreal-based Blush Lingerie, the project’s lead sponsor, and the models’ hosiery was contributed by Betty’s Essentials boutique in Vancouver.

Anthony Turano and model Brittany Luttrell at Montreal launch party for The Stockings Project.

The Stockings Project debuted earlier this month at a swanky Montreal nightclub event, and launches in Toronto tonight at a special event at Brassaii restaurant.

Turano, a well-known fashion photographer who spent 1½ years working on the book, said the project grew much bigger than he had envisioned once people learned about it.

“It was supposed to be only 20 pages, using models that I knew really well,” he told Lingerie Talk. “But then modeling agencies contacted me and wanted to be a part of it. Or I would be doing unrelated shoots and the models would hear about The Stockings Project and want to participate.

“One of my weaknesses is I’m not good at saying no,” he added. “At one point I said, ‘okay we’ll do 40 max’ … then it became 50 max.”

In the end, Turano included 78 models in 74 pages, from photoshoots in five cities, and had to cut 6 images in order to stay within the project’s printing budget.

All proceeds from sales of The Stockings Project will go to the Cure Foundation, which provides resources to help women affected by breast cancer.


While working on the book Turano — who had his own cancer scare while planning the project — said he “definitely heard my share of stories about cancer.”

“A lot of them (models and other creatives) were affected by the cause and almost everyone participated for that reason, as a way to give back in some way.”

For someone who typically spends three days, at most, on a photo assignment, putting together the book project was an eye-opener.

“Just the experience of handling a project this large and this long was a huge learning experience,” Turano said. “I learned a lot of positive things and met tons of amazing people and amazing sponsors.”

The Stockings Project is priced at $80 and is available only through its website. Here’s a look at a handful of shots from this unique endeavour.

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