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Negative Tackles a Nagging ‘Pain Point’
Posted by richard | October 14, 2015

Every fashion startup wants to find the sweet spot — that elusive intersection of design trends and consumer tastes that can put a young brand on the map.

Negative Underwear, the much-buzzed-about minimalist label out of New York, has done it a couple of times already.

Launched in early 2014, Negative has been a hit with urban hipsters and fashion magazine editors almost from day one thanks to distinctive styles like its bestselling Essouaria range (with its perforated “anti-lace” fabric) and sleek micromesh Sieve line.

Founders Marissa Vosper and Lauren Schwab set out to offer a response to overly girly lingerie fashions and, at the same, prove that basics don’t have to be boring. Somewhere in there they found a sweet spot.

Now, the stripped-down label is stripping down further, with a new capsule collection that offers Negative‘s first wireless bras ($55).

“As a brand we pride ourselves in … making products that solve real problems,” the company said in a press release. “We wanted to start with underwire bras because we saw a huge pain point in the market — women without decent options who felt like their current bras were uncomfortable and poorly designed.”

Negative Underwear founders Lauren Schwab and Marissa Vosper.

Negative launched last year with a line of traditional wired bras and matching briefs, but customers wanted something more — or less, depending on how you look at it.

“Almost immediately after launch we had a steady stream of requests for bras without wires — from women with smaller busts, women who’ve had surgery (for one reason or another) and can’t wear wires, and women who just prefer the look and vibe of a bralette,” the company said.

“Our first non-wire bra is super simple: one fabric, no superfluous trims, no tags, virtually no seams (and) with the more open neckline that’s somewhat signature to our aesthetic.” 

(It’s worth noting here that Negative‘s effort to respond to customer requests with a wireless bra was confronted with the same challenge that all lingerie brands face — creating enough support to suit the needs of larger busted women. Its wire-free bras are available in only two sizes that cover a range of body shapes because of the fabric’s stretch, but won’t be suitable for anyone bigger than a 34C or 32DD.)

Also included in the new collection is an obvious nod to the biggest trend in women’s intimates this year: the brand’s first high-waisted bottoms in its signature micromesh and with a strong, contrasting band.

The new pieces show a brand that straddles several consumer markets, appealing to modern and retro tastes and shoppers who prefer casual, functional undies but with a dash of style.

Negative‘s aesthetic also blurs the lines between underwear and streetwear, and between comfy basics and new trends in athleisure wear. Here’s a few images from the new collection’s lookbook (including its cool logo tee) that show the multiple uses of the new minimalism as envisioned by Negative.


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