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Zombies are Coming for Your Underwear
Posted by Lingerie Talk | October 2, 2015

Momma always said to wear clean underwear in case you’re in an accident, but what’s the appropriate style if you’re confronted by a swarm of zombies?

California subscription service MeUndies offers a solution with what might be the first zombie-print undies for both men and women.

The trendy lifestyle brand’s October release is called ‘The Rocking Dead’ and features a busy original print of laughing zombies dressed in hipster threads, and comes with a full lookbook and video.

The collection piggybacks on the worldwide popularity of The Walking Dead, which coincidentally returns for its umpteenth season of mayhem and blanket media coverage next week.


The MeUndies print, designed by L.A. artist Tony Fur, has a very graphic-novel look, while the promo video resembles a comical outtake from TWD or any one of countless zombies-eating-teens B-movies.

Against a soundtrack that includes AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell’, it features a group of pals who get lost in a junkyard and are discovered by a horde of hungry undead who, apparently, want to eat those funky new pants.

MeUndies will send a pair to each of its monthly subscribers, but you can also buy individual pieces for $16 in boyshort, brief or thong styles through their webshop.

And while we all know that zombies don’t really exist, MeUndies is probably hoping its Rocking Dead collection is original enough to ward TWD‘s copyright lawyers — which are very real, much hungrier and virtually unstoppable.

Here are few more shots from the MeUndies ‘Rocking Dead’ lookbook. You can see the whole series on its website.

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