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What kind of underwear do you pack if you’re one of the first few volunteers on the proposed Mars One project that will create a human settlement on the red planet in 2027?

Well, for starters, it has to be a colorful assortment that pairs well with the rusty ochre pigments of the Martian landscape. And it has to be sporty because, let’s face it, you’ll be doing a lot of walking. And as for style, well, in space there’s no one to impress but yourself.

These and other considerations were likely top of mind for James Lee, the creative director of Björn Borg, as he was dreaming up the otherworldly concept for his next collection. The always-interesting Swedish underwear and activewear label developed its Spring 2016 collection around the theme of ‘Training for Mars’, as a salute to the 100 volunteers selected for the Mars One mission.

It got that message across on Tuesday at a fashion show to kick off Stockholm Fashion Week in which the runway was transformed into a replica of Martian terrain, and with four Mars One candidates seated in the front row.

And what, you might wonder, does the far-seeing brand envision for mankind’s Martian adventure?

The presentation included a mix of underwear, sportswear, swimwear, shoes and accessories, ranging from color-blocked gymwear to preppy tennis outfits, lots of stretchy knee-highs, stylized wrestling helmets to keep sand out of your ears, and tent-sized workout jackets that, presumably, you could live in during one Mars’ interminable red dust storms.

The show was “inspired by the concept of breaking new frontiers for the love of mankind,” the company said in a press release. “Our show is a tribute to the bravery and faith these pioneers show by venturing into the unknown for the sake of evolution and innovation.”

Of course, if and when Mars One gets off the ground, these futuristic styles will already be vintage items. Which only means that Björn Borg — a popular global underwear brand that is pivoting towards the fashion sportswear market — has another decade or so to consolidate its lead in fashion’s new space race.

Here are some of the key looks from Björn Borg‘s SS16 fashion show, along with a video of the event.

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