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Cheek Frills + Carolyn Murphy: A Little Mom Love from a Supermodel
Posted by Lingerie Talk | August 14, 2015

The new Carolyn Murphy capsule collection from UK underwear label Cheek Frills, which debuts today on Net-A-Porter, isn’t your typical celebrity lingerie collaboration.

Rather than appeal to women in her own demographic, the 41-year-old American supermodel took on her first lingerie design collab as a gift to her 14-year-old daughter.

And while Murphy also models the 11-piece range in promo imagery, the collection is intended to help Cheek Frills expand its appeal in the youth market. This raises an interesting question: will trendy teens respond to a mom’s guidance when it comes to their early forays in lingerie shopping?

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Murphy, who is one of a select group of models who have appeared on the covers of both Vogue and Sports Illustrated, told Vogue UK back in June that she took on the Cheek Frills project after finding some “very grown-up” padded bras in her daughter’s wardrobe and wanted “to show her there was an alternative.”

“I wanted to find something for her that was more like the lingerie I wear, something feminine but still sweet and young,” she said.

The resulting collaboration is both of those things, and surprisingly understated to boot (especially given Cheek Frills‘ previous fondness for neon-bright colors). The range includes three modest playsuits, a couple of briefs, a single wireless bralette, two pyjama sets, a robe and a nightdress.

There’s an emphasis on comfort in these relaxed styles, most of which are fashioned from super-soft modal and jersey fabrics. And the preponderance of sleepwear options makes sense, too: this is a collection for the sleepover crowd that hasn’t yet begun to show off its bra straps at school or on the street.

For Cheek Frills, this is its second and most ambitious celebrity pairing, after last year’s one-off with Gwyneth Paltrow‘s GOOP e-commerce blog, which was aimed at an older market.

Ironically, parents might be the biggest customers of the CM x CF range especially if, like Murphy, they’re concerned about the amped-up sexuality of so much celebrity marketing to teens.

And for the girls who will wear these garments? Face it, your mom is always going to buy your underwear no matter how old you get. Be thankful it’s as chic as this.

NOTE: The Carolyn Murphy x Cheek Frills line is exclusive to Net-A-Porter. We searched its various international e-commerce platforms today and, so far, it’s only available on the UK site.

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