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Björn Borg Creates The Nerdiest Underwear Shopping Experience Ever
Posted by Lingerie Talk | January 28, 2015

It’s bad enough your game avatars lead more exciting lives than you do, but do they always have to dress better too?

Well, perhaps no longer.

Björn Borg, the hyper-creative Swedish sportswear and underwear brand, has just released a fashion marketing coup: a free online video game that lets your player take a break from the action and shop for new undies for you.

The game is called First Person Lover, a play on the first-person shooter (FPS) genre that includes massive hits like Call of Duty and Halo.

In Björn Borg‘s nerdy world, however, avatars “fight the forces of evil with the power of love”. Specifically, that means using weapons like the Kiss Gun, which blows holographic kisses, and the Bubble Blaster, which shoots heart-shaped soap bubbles, to disarm foes.


The company says First Person Lover is the first example of real-world in-game shopping, adding a powerful new dimension to the rapidly exanding universe of e-commerce.

“It has been extraordinarily fun to see the collection come to life in 3D and having avatars wearing it,” BB head designer James Lee said in a press release. “The game has taken my vision of fictional worlds to a whole new level. I might be the first designer ever that has his collection bought through a game.”

The single-player web-based FPL offers more than 30 minutes of game in three levels and works on Mac and PC computers. It can be accessed through the game website and requires a player download.

The in-game shopping mall promotes Björn Borg‘s Spring-Summer 2015 collection of activewear and performance underwear, also called First Person Lover. The collection was first unveiled last fall during Stockholm Fashion Week, with real models portraying FPL game avatars on the runway.


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