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Hallowe’en Costumes For Fallen Angels
Posted by richard | September 22, 2014

Victoria’s Secret has quietly backed away from its annual rollout of erotic Hallowe’en costumes, probably because they had become a predictable lightning rod for criticism. They won’t be missed.

Who can forget those sexy little geisha, senorita and native outfits … and a host of others that were meant to have fun with workplace stereotypes but ended up offending almost everyone who saw themselves being satirized?

The lingerie company’s curious foray into cosplay also highlighted one of the problems with this category: it’s almost impossible to create mass-market “sexy” Hallowe’en outfits that aren’t just tacky clichés and in some way offensive. Seriously, haven’t we outgrown sexy secretary and slutty nurse costumes by now?

There’s still a market for such things, though, and if you’re a fan you’ll probably find something you’ll like in Blackheart Lingerie‘s rock-style Hallowe’en collection.


Blackheart is the faux goth offshoot of Hot Topic and it has positioned itself as a kind of anti-Victoria’s Secret from the beginning. And, as if to drive home that point, its new Hallowe’en lineup includes a “Fallen Angel” look (above), complete with runway-ready wings.

Most of Blackheart‘s line is actually pieced together from items in its lingerie and accessories collection, but that’s not a knock: if you’re going to splurge on a black catsuit, you want to be able to show it off more than once a year.

There are 8 different looks in this collection, and what’s most interesting is that this usually edgy brand has toned down the erotic appeal and avoided most of the cultural pitfalls that Victoria’s Secret stumbled into. This is, for the most part, a safe assortment that one might expect from a mall brand that knows parents are watching.

In fact, there are only two outfits here that might raise eyebrows: a “Naughty Nun” ensemble with revealing mesh panels; and a “Scandalous School Girl” set that is probably a bit too pervy to wear anywhere except a Hallowe’en house party. Otherwise this is a routine assortment of witches, devils, cats, witches and other Hallowe’en staples.

Of course, the real reason Blackheart has invested in this one-day market opportunity is that it invites customers to explore its extensive assortment of fashion accessories, jewelry and novelty items. There’s a ton of mix-and-match stuff there to keep little witches busy all year round.


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