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A Fresh New Direction for SJ Lingerie
Posted by richard | August 15, 2014

You don’t have to look too hard to see what recent corporate changes will mean to the fine Aussie brand SJ Lingerie.

It’s right there in the name of their new collection: Neoteric. A synonym for modern, youthful, avant garde. And a deliberate pivot away from classical, traditional style.

SJ Lingerie is the new name for the former Sally Jones label, which for the past 10 years made customers gush with its gorgeous, ultra-romantic lace and silk creations.

The indie label took its new name last fall and recently announced that its founder was stepping down as head of the company, turning the reins over to creative director and new owner Katie Rackley (below). Sally will continue to have a role in designing collections and overseeing SJ’s made-in-Australia production.


It also means a change in style direction for the brand, away from the lush romanticism of its earlier collections and toward a more contemporary look that fits with the inner-outerwear movement.

The new collection, Neoteric, is a pretty good indication of what to expect from the forward-looking SJ. It features dynamic, trim silhouettes fashioned from black European stretch lace in a unique geometric pattern. It’s more graphic and less classically “feminine” than the brand’s earlier incarnation, but one thing apparently hasn’t changed: Sally Jones‘ peerless expertise in sourcing and working with the best laces.

Neoteric is an all-black range that uses layered lace panels and, unlike previous seasonal collections, it won’t get lost amid a larger selection of new and different styles. Neoteric is the new brand’s calling card, and it’s an introduction that speaks volumes.

Pearl nightdress
Vixen bodysuit
Bombshell sheer pant

The second new direction for SJ involves a special Bombshells range for fuller-figured and full-busted women. It builds upon the success of the plus-size Sirens range of sleep and loungewear pieces that Sally Jones introduced a couple of years ago, but its black-and-white colorways are more in keeping with SJ‘s new aesthetic.

For new owner Katie, there must be a tangible feeling of responsibility in taking over a brand with a distinctive aesthetic, a reputation for craftsmanship and many devoted fans around the world. To make that transition as smooth as possible, some earlier Sally Jones styles are still available in SJ‘s new webshop, as are earlier 2014 styles (Pearl, Vixen shown above) that now seem like a bridge toward SJ Lingerie‘s future.

You can learn a bit more about Katie in this blog post she published earlier today.

While we look forward to future offerings from SJ, here are some more looks from the Neoteric lookbook, featuring model Anna Hudson.

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