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Edge O’ Beyond’s Gold-Plated Dreams
Posted by richard | July 21, 2014

With a name that sounds like a 1950s’ sci-fi movie, the UK newcomer Edge O’ Beyond adds a new dimension to the blinged-out universe of luxury lingerie — gold body jewelry that’s built into its sexy boudoir designs.

But before we look at how that works, let’s try to make sense of that trippy brand name. Whatever you think it means, it’s not that.

“Edge O’ Beyond” has a charmingly nostalgic meaning for Naomi De Haan, the label’s founder: it was the name of the Kent house where she spent her childhood before her large family moved in 1999. Long before she had developed her first business plan, Naomi knew what she was going to call her company.

“That name has always been important to me. It sounded quite magical,” Naomi said in an interview with Lingerie Talk. “I’ve had the name in my head from when I left the house.”


In fact, family is the real heart and soul of Edge O’ Beyond (don’t call it “OF”, because the “O” is meant to reference the gold rings that are part of the brand’s luxe hardware).

Style ranges in the brand’s debut collection are named for Naomi’s sisters Evie and Becca, and there are styles named for her grandmother Alexina and mother Lyvie. (“Our family has a long history of making up names,” Naomi says to explain the unusual monikers.)

Even her brothers are included, with jewelry attachments bearing their names. Only Naomi’s father is left out of the collection, but that’s only because “it’s hard to name something ‘Roger’ if it’s lingerie,” Naomi said.

Still, the family patriarch is in many ways the real inspiration behind Edge O’ Beyond. Roger De Haan is an esteemed UK tycoon who made a fortune in travel, insurance and financial services as head of the Saga Group before retiring a decade ago to devote himself full-time to numerous projects supported by his charitable foundation. He was knighted in May and, as Naomi says, “he’s now Sir Dad.”

“He’s very inspiring,” she added. “A lot of people in our family want to be like him and amount to something.”

Naomi’s family, especially her sisters, participated in all aspects of developing Edge O’ Beyond, helping with branding and product design, choosing models and photo locations, and testing hundreds of samples and prototypes.

“They’ve helped so much,” Naomi says of her siblings. “They’re very blunt with me. They tell me when I’m being silly.”


Edge O’ Beyond officially debuted earlier this month at the Mode City lingerie trade show in Paris, and will present itself to American retailers at the Curve Expo exhibition in New York in August. If you can’t remember the name, just look for the luxury brand whose pieces are festooned with 14K gold-plated chains and 24K gold hardware — odds are, there won’t be anything else like Edge O’ Beyond.

Other lingerie labels have experimented with jewelry attachments, and the German accessories label Fraulein Kink has made a name for itself with luxurious body-jewelry harnesses, but EOB takes the concept to a new level.

Each style range in the debut set includes gold ‘o’ rings and clasps that allow its chain harnesses to be detached and customized to suit the wearer. Jewelry pieces are also sold separately and come packaged in pastel yellow organza bags for safekeeping.

“The jewelry is actually very, very wearable. It’s very sturdy even though it’s delicate,” Naomi said. “It doesn’t break. We’ve made hundreds of these things and tested them.”

Edge O’ Beyond is a luxury label with prices starting at around £50 for lingerie pieces and going up to around £300 for the kimono. Jewelry pieces range from £25-60.

Naomi, 24, has a degree in French and economics and indulged her passion for fine lingerie while living for a year in Paris (you can see a number of Parisian design touches in the EOB collection).

EOB’s debut collection is manufactured in Wales and will reach consumers in late August or early September. Watch for the launch of its new website soon, and keep checking back to see which retail stores are stocking this promising newcomer.

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