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Eveden Brings the Heat to Brazil
Posted by Lingerie Talk | June 9, 2014

All eyes will be on Brazil this week — and for the next two years, thanks to the back-to-back sports extravaganzas that are the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

So get ready for endless stories about planning boondoggles, cost overruns, security nightmares and the suffocating summer heat, mixed in with athletic performances that will have the world glued to its collective seat.

This being Brazil, though, the world’s attention will also be on the country’s sizzling, sexy women and the skimpy carnival fashions that have made them archetypes of free-spirited sensuality.

And to get everyone in the mood, lingerie company Eveden (now Wacoal Eveden) headed to Brazil last fall for a photoshoot that showcases its brands against the stunning backdrops that will soon be familiar to billions around the world.

Eveden‘s ‘Rio Heat’ campaign by photographer Sean McMenomy promotes the company’s Spring/Summer 2014 collections from its full-figure and larger-bust brands which include Freya, Fauve, Fantasie, Goddess and Elomi.

And there’s a kind of playful coals-to-Newcastle aspect to this colorful campaign. Think about it — what other UK-based brand would show off its wares in sex-drenched Brazil, where the bikini is already something of a national uniform and a symbol of the country’s hedonistic spirit?

For Eveden, the Rio-themed shoot is a chance to highlight the bright floral and color-drenched tropical prints from its lingerie and swimwear collections this summer.

But the company went beyond the usual visual clichés of posing models on Copacabana Beach or in front of Sugarloaf Mountain, and shows a side of Brazil that doesn’t often make it into fashion shoots.

Thus, you’ll spot models reclining on rusted-out cars, straddling Rio’s ubiquitous mopeds and in front of colorful tiled mosaics that are common in Rio’s rundown favelas. There’s even a swimsuit shot that uses the Christ the Redeemer statue as a backdrop — that should raise temperatures a few degrees!

The galleries below show the best of Eveden’s ‘Rio Heat’ and ‘City Heat’ campaigns, with styles from the Fauve, Freya and Fantasie brands and their respective swim brands. There are also several behind-the-scenes videos that offer further evidence of the riotous culture and flavor of life in Brasil. As they say in Rio, “Lindo Maravilhoso!”

Now, cue the Bossa Nova and let the games begin!

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