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Something Blue from With Love Lingerie
Posted by richard | April 3, 2014

Looking for something blue, and inspiring, for your bridal trousseau?

The Canadian label With Love Lingerie has produced a unique design collection that will give the happy couple something to talk about long after these pieces fall to the floor on their wedding night.

In fact, you can cover all four aspects of the “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” bridal custom with one piece from With Love‘s new ‘Willow’ collection.

The romantic toile collection uses a custom (new) illustration inspired by the famed Blue Willow china pattern, which was common on English dining tables in the late 18th Century (old) and remains a favorite among collectors.

The historic blue pattern, which typically shows a pair of doves against a bucolic Asian landscape, depicted a Chinese version of a Romeo-and-Juliet-like fable, although the story was actually a mishmash of themes borrowed from Chinese folklore to help market the porcelain tableware.

Basically, the Blue Willow is the story of a Mandarin official’s willful daughter, who has been pledged to marry a local nobleman when the first blossom falls from a willow tree, but falls in love with a poor servant instead. The lovers run off on the eve of the wedding, stealing her father’s jewels and the groom’s ship. Years later the lovers are caught and put to death, but the gods mercifully transform them into birds so that they might live in freedom together.


With Love designer Carrie Russell starts with that story outline to create a vaguely Asian print depicting swallows in flight against a backdrop that includes rose bouquets and young women in lingerie.

The result is a richly romantic collection from a lingerie designer who is fond of weaving resonant literary parables into both her design work and the marketing for her label.

“The story gives the collection a romantic, soft, whimsical and fairy-tale feel — perfect for that special day,” Russell said in a press release announcing the new colleciton.

The Willow capsule collection includes a chemise, bustier, bralette, garter set and two brief styles, all fashioned from tulle, silk and cotton. Here’s the Willow gathered brief style:


“I really wanted to provide the fashionable bride with something that is both stylish and whimsical and that won’t interfere with the silhouette of her dress,” Russell said.

“I wanted the pieces to be garments she could wear again or that a friend would like to gift to her at a bridal shower. The pieces are light, airy and fresh, exactly the way you want to feel on your wedding day.”

All of the pieces in this limited edition collection are cut and hand-made to order in Canada and available through With Love’s webshop.

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