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Unforeseen Signs Of Spring
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 24, 2014

New York boutique label Unforeseen Circumstances enjoyed some gains last year, thanks to a fortuitous collaboration with artist Reed Anderson that resulted in several memorably original prints. For 2014, designer Teo Griscom continues to hone what has become her signature look: rootsy, urban underfashions in muted monotones with occasional exclamations of pop-art color.

The new spring collection includes a couple of swimwear pieces, the hip bodysuits and T-shirt pullunders that UC is known for and, best of all, a couple of light dresses.


The piece above is the kind of thing you dream of wearing when you’re still up to your ankles in winter slush. Buy it now and wear it to your next gallery opening.

Unforeseen Circumstances is now available online through Lille Boutique and Steven Alan.

The lookbook images below were shot at the modernist gallery/store Mondo Cane in New York by Eric Kvatek, with Jess Novias modeling UC‘s spring line.


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