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A Breathtaking Ode To ‘Beauty Inside’
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 12, 2014

Imagine if a lingerie company could create a commercial with the powerful emotional impact of Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’ spot shown during the Super Bowl … only this time the story is true.

The Thailand brand affiliate for the Japan-based bra company Wacoal has done just that and the result, or results, are extraordinary.

A couple of weeks ago, the company released a series of three short films as part of new campaign called “Beauty Inside” that aims to revise our perceptions of both beauty and love. Each of the 7-minutes films bears the title “My Beautiful Woman” and each is a dramatization of a true story.

And notably, although the web series was unveiled in the hyper-commercialized run-up to Valentine’s Day, there’s no sex, no skin, so racy romping and, in fact, no underwear on display.


The series is sombre and even gentle in tone, with subtle layers of meaning. The first film tells the story of a cancer patient facing a terrible decision about her treatment options. The next involves a boss who is suspicious about his employee’s after-work activities. And the third — easily the most poignant — tells the unforgettable tale of a high school student raising a baby on her own while her classmates snigger in judgment.

All three are exceptionally beautiful stories with a surprise ending that reminds us that love involves sacrifice and selflessness, charity and compassion. Each film carries the tagline: “All women were created to be beautiful.”

(Some critics might complain that the Wacoal series reinforces gender-role stereotypes — ie., Why is always women doing the hard work and making the painful choices? — but in the context of Asian cultural norms they’re entirely appropriate.)

Wacoal is inviting viewers to submit their own stories and photos describing “My Beautiful Woman” to a special website. It doesn’t say if more videos are planned.

So far, the “Beauty Inside” series has had about 1.3 million views on YouTube. If you ask us, they deserve to be seen by everyone — so make this a surprise Valentine’s gift to someone you love.

Here is the series, in order:

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