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Marika Vera aims a bit higher than other independent lingerie designers.

While most brands are content to wrap their customers in seductive underpinnings, Marika wants to actually make sex better. How’s that for a business plan?

In the press material for her holiday campaign video (below), called Eyes Wide Shut, the Mexican designer insists that her objective is to “reinvent foreplay”. And it’s more than just a clever turn of phrase: she really means it.

Marika’s unconventional designs are unlike almost everything else in the lingerie industry and the rapidly evolving world of loungewear. Beautifully draped layers of chiffon, mesh and silk charmeuse featuring sharp asymmetrical slits, hidden zippers and peekaboo cutouts, these are pieces that invite prolonged admiration, exploration and discovery.

And this is all part of the new world of sensuous foreplay that Marika envisions. Boudoir fashions aren’t just shreds of fabric to be tossed in a heap at the foot of the bed when the action starts; they’re an essential part of the ritual prelude of uncovering and revealing that heightens arousal. Anyone confronted with a partner draped in Marika’s designs will feel compelled to linger and appreciate the artistry of the maker and the taste of the wearer, gradually peeling away layers, until there is little choice but to swoon and surrender.

Quite simply, this is underwear for the oversexed — or those who want to be.

Marika Vera has been on a creative tear since the launch of her David Lynch-inspired collection a year ago, a brilliantly curated set that attracted worldwide attention. She followed that with a bridal collection so ridiculously erotic it will not just prolong foreplay but extend honeymoons as well.

Many of her latest creations seem like they were pulled from the designer’s libido, expressions of Jungian animus rooted deeply in history and erotic mythology, and which toss aside the conventional view that sex is something that starts and ends at the bedroom door. The more daring of her customers like to show off Marika’s designs in public, provocatively paired with jackets or skirts and unexpected accessories (like Rihanna, below, wearing a Marika Vera bodysuit and snake combo on the cover of British GQ this month).


This fall, Marika has released two collections that are guaranteed to boost her sizzling reputation: the fashion line Black Orchid, and a new bodywear ranged called Signature, which features sporty, multi-purpose tights, bodysuits and other interesting pieces aimed at the urban youth market.

The Black Orchid line is filled with innovations like the sheer harem-like Lady Orchid “trackpants”; the sumptuous Blue Orchid kimono sweater; the sly Moon Orchid boxer shorts with their naughty backdoor zipper; or the sporty Queen Orchid “track jacket” for anyone who wants to spice up their Olympic viewing parties. And the Shadow Witch silk charmeuse pullover, shown in the main photo above, is a good example of Marika’s not-so-hidden agenda: it features a hidden zipper across the chest that positively demands a lover’s investigation.

Below we’ve put together galleries showing samples from both of Marika Vera’s new lines, which should be on sale by the end of this month. So turn off your iPhones, turn the clocks to the wall, and let the foreplaying begin.


Wild Coco Orchid kimono
Nun’s Lily Orchid playsuit
Shadow Witch sweater
Moon Orchid boxer shorts
Lady Orchid trackpants
Cat’s Tail bodysuit

Casta catsuit
Crawford bodysuit
Dreamers pants
Christensen leggings
Deyn trackpant
Stone sweater
Turlington skirt
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