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Other Shades Of Grey
Posted by richard | October 15, 2013

The moodboard that inspired the fall collection from indie label Unforeseen Circumstances is full of images of pavement, sidewalks and slate-colored skies.

Not the sort of thing that typically inspires a lingerie collection, but it’s not out of character for the arty New York label. Designer Teo Griscom looks for patterns in both the natural and built worlds, and is fascinated with unconventional uses of color.

This time, the result is a small and unpredictable range of unique looks in steely autumnal hues. If you thought grey was a lousy choice for lingerie, think again: UC offers some other ways of looking at this most industrial and utilitarian palette.

The collection aims for comfort with very wearable pieces like a crinkled cotton pull-under T-shirt (top photo) and matching charcoal trousers, silvery tap shorts and even a two-tone grey shift dress.


Griscom also revives her collaboration with artist Reed Anderson that was introduced in last spring’s colorful pop-art range. She’s offering several limited-edition artist prints that feature Anderson’s designs, and the most memorable item in this series is bound to be the striped print crop-tank shown above.

And, as you can see below, you can offset the ashen tones and create a very modern graphic look by adding a splash of color from one of UC‘s belts and harnesses.

Unforeseen Circumstances typically has small production runs, so don’t wait for any of these pieces to reach the discount bins. You can find then on the brand’s webshop, at Lille Boutique online and at Steven Alan in New York.


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