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Lingerie For The WikiLeaks Generation
Posted by richard | August 29, 2013

The latest ad campaign from German glam label Blush Berlin draws attention to something most of us didn’t realize we had — “intimacy rights”, or the right to privacy in the bedroom.

Blush’s ‘Respect Our Intimacy‘ campaign follows their recent ads that supported NSA leaker Edward Snowden or trashed media scoundrel Rupert Murdoch, with slightly tongue-in-cheek slogans that somehow link lingerie with leftist activism.

If that sounds like an awkward combination, it is. Blush‘s slogans can be a bit unclear and its double entendres don’t always translate well outside its home market. As a result, the label is sometimes accused of exploiting sensitive news topics to sell its sexy undies.

But those who think Blush is just having a laugh are missing a broader point: there’s some serious purpose in this brand’s unconventional advocacy, and a real effort to arouse both your political and carnal passions through its messages.


Government spying and corporate media intrusion into private lives has been a persistent theme in Blush‘s ads for a few years now, and sometimes the targets are unlikely. Earlier this year, they took shots at Facebook culture (encouraging people to spend more time “loving” each other than merely “liking” strangers online), and last year Blush was actually charged for ‘defacing’ its own billboards with “Free Pussy Riot” graffiti.

Blush Berlin is a luxury label whose main retail shop was once named among the top 10 lingerie stores in the world. Founder Claudia Kleinert earned some notoriety for allowing only women to hold the brand’s top jobs, and its cause-based marketing invariably gets a lot of media attention. That sometimes exposes Blush to criticism that its populist posturing is self-serving, but you have to wonder what kind of an impact such an approach might have in America, where political debate is typically restricted to chat shows and church?

The current Blush campaign includes five images that will be used in poster and billboard campaigns and which generally allude to the anxieties of the WikiLeaks generation. Blush‘s sloganeering doesn’t always hit the bullseye (“Our fantasies aren’t spyable“?) but sometimes they touch a nerve. The one that works the best, and brings the campaign back to its core message of privacy and personal connection, is this: “Get off the net, get into bed.”

In Blush‘s unusual world, the real subversives aren’t those trying to expose government malfeasance; they’re the ones who turn their backs, shut out the noise and crawl back under the sheets.

NOTE: Blush Berlin trades mainly in Germany and is not related to the Canadian label Blush.

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