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Dear Kate’s Spill-Proof Plunge
Posted by richard | June 26, 2013

At last, we have an answer to summer’s most embarrassing question: what’s the safest kind of underwear to wear when jumping out of an airplane?

After all, if there’s any activity likely to cause an accident — the leaky kind, not the oh-crap-the-chute-won’t-open kind — it’s skydiving.

Julie Sygiel and her team at Dear Kate underwear decided to test their stylish leak-proof panties in the scariest possible situation this week, sending two models out of a plane wearing little but their chutes and the latest pieces from Dear Kate’s Starlet collection.

Here’s how it all turned out:

The little marketing stunt was designed to emphasize fearlessness in anxious situations, and was the result of a brainstorming session in which DK staffers wondered, “what would make us pee in our pants?”

The jump took place on Monday north of New York City, with athlete/bloggers Gia Alvarez and Michelle Roos taking the plunge from 13,500 feet. Both landed safely and, apparently, not a drop spilled.

Below are a few images from Dear Kate‘s high-tech Starlet collection, which combines a soft leak-resistant microfiber outer layer with a patent-pending wicking inner layer. And you can read more about Dear Kate in our earlier profile here.

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