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Rapidly emerging advances in fabric technology are giving fashion designers a broad new array of materials to work with and style options that are limited only by their imaginations.

One of the coolest — and most sensible — innovations to reach the intimates market will debut next spring with the arrival of aromatic lingerie from New York indie label Lili Piache.

And in case you’re worried about your bedroom smelling like a Lush store, here’s the best part: Lili Piache‘s aromatic line doesn’t actually release its scent until the fabric has been rubbed, touched, stroked or otherwise fondled. How you create that friction is your business.

The scented collection is infused with aromatherapy oils that are contained in microcapsules bonded to the fabric and which release their fragrance only when broken.

The garment’s floral scent is a blend of all-natural oils including rose, geranium, bergamot, niaouli, nerolina, grapefruit and eucalyptus. The aroma gradually fades with laundering, with about 40% of the microcapsules gone after 15 washes.

Closeup of aromatherapy capsules on fabric.

Aromatic fabrics are new to North America but they’ve recently become available in Japan, where Lili Piache‘s founders came from after completing fashion school. As soon as they heard about the revolutionary technology that binds microcapsules to fabric, they started collaborating with the company that came up with the idea.

“I saw a newspaper article about it in a (Japanese) fashion industry newspaper three or four months ago,” Yoshiko Hayase, one of the label’s owners, told Lingerie Talk. “We were so amazed by the idea we went back to Japan and had a meeting with them.”

“We think the idea is very special and every woman will want this kind of lingerie.”

“Aromatherapy is well known for the purpose of altering a person’s mind, mood and health using essential oils. We think our aromatic lingerie has similar functions — you can not only enjoy the fragrance but also feel relaxed, calm, peaceful, happy and comfortable to wear it.”


Yoshiko launched Lili Piache with her twin sister and best friend from fashion school, and the trio is committed to introducing the North American market to Japanese fabric innovations and quality materials. The two-year-old label specializes in pretty chemises, camis, rompers and bra-panty sets (above), often using Japanese silks, organic cotton and French lace.

The new aromatic collection seems like the kind of can’t-miss brainstorm that will eventually be copied by other brands, but for now it gives Lili Piache its own distinctive niche in the marketplace.

The scented pieces will also have a deodorizing effect and the sweet floral aroma will offer a unique sleep aid, Yoshiko said.

And each piece in the collection will carry an allergy-alert label for women who are sensitive to fragrances — an important point, since the pieces won’t actually smell any different than other garments when hanging on store racks.

Lili Piache (or Lilipiache, as it is sometimes listed) is named after an imaginary, fragrant flower dreamed up by the label’s founders to convey their artistic vision. You can shop for the label’s first two collections online or at one of the American lingerie boutiques listed here.

Lili Piache‘s aromatic collection will make its market debut in August at the Curve Expo lingerie trade show in New York, where it will almost certainly have the sweetest-smelling booth.

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2 Responses to “The Sweet Smell Of … Underwear?: Aromatic Lingerie From Lili Piache”

  1. Lisa R says:

    Like a lot of new ideas and technologies I will take a wait and see approach. I love perfumes and prefer to wear the one I am likely to want to wear my favorite fragrance in my lingerie or outerwear. Many women may prefer to wear this lingerie and I think that is great. As to how long the fragrance lasts and whether the idea catches on we will simply have to see how it goes. I am excited by the concept and hope it works well and I very well may be a consumer in time.

  2. Estelle says:

    I think scented lingerie is a great idea! Shame it doesn’t last forever, but I guess that would be impossible. It’d be nice if you could choose from a selection of scents for each piece, to match your preferred perfume style.

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