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Another Lingerie Day Goes Bust
Posted by richard | April 25, 2013

Well, another Lingerie Day has come and gone and, as we feared, almost no one noticed.

As we reported in this article last year, National Lingerie Day in the U.S. is a bit bogus, a kind of made-up Hallmark holiday. It wouldn’t exist on anyone’s calendar were it not for a bit of unintentional mischief from Frederick’s of Hollywood, which last year promoted a Lingerie Day sale after coming across an obscure (and discredited) reference buried deep within Google’s archives.

The Frederick’s faux pas went sort-of viral last year and numerous brands jumped on the Lingerie Day bandwagon. This year, though, only a few labels showed any interest, and even then it was late and a bit half-hearted. No big events or promotions and, alas, no parade. (Although, oddly, Victoria’s Secret got wind of the concept and late yesterday afternoon posted the tweet below. The nerve!)


For the record, this thing called National Lingerie Day is supposed to take place every year on April 24 and is intended, we suppose, to give us all a chance to celebrate our undies. Or something like that.

It’s a worthwhile concept, but it lacks a major corporate sponsor willing to do all the hard marketing work required to whip up public (or industry) interest in the occasion. So far, too many people shrug it off with the obvious retort: every day is lingerie day.

Similar ideas have had some success given the right amount of promotion. In the UK, where they can’t STOP talking about their smalls, lingerie has two big days: the national Love Your Lingerie Day (Aug. 21), which is a cheap-but-clever ploy by Marks & Spencer to cling to its rapidly shrinking market share; and Wonderbra‘s redoubtable National Cleavage Day (March 31) which, among other things, encourages women to send photos of themselves in their bras to the NCD website, so the public can view and vote on their cleavage. Wonderbra also anoints an annual celebrity winner of its ‘best cleavage’ award which, in Britain, is a prize worth having. Typically, the winner is someone already famous for her bust and little else.

Back in the U.S., we still have National Underwear Day (Aug. 22) .. a kind of on-again-off-again promotional gimmick by online retailer Fresh Pair. Give them some credit, though: last summer, Fresh Pair celebrated its self-made holiday by sending models into Times Square to hand out free undies and give the tourists something new to photograph.


If National Lingerie Day is going to gain traction in North America, it’s going to need a committed corporate backer and, more importantly, a public face (or figure) that people can relate to.

So here’s an idea: next year, let’s draft Kelly Clarkson to lead the campaign and get everyone thinking, talking and marching about in their undies. Any brand managers or marketers out there want to take the lead on this?

And why Kelly, you ask? Well, April 24 also happens to be the Stronger songstress’s birthday (really!), so the tie-in is a natural. More importantly, she’s a celebrity who has (so far) never done a lingerie photoshoot or endorsement and who doesn’t try to out-Gaga other singers in her onstage outfits. Kelly is long overdue for a style makeover and has a girl-next-door figure that’s made for corsets.

So what do you think? Kelly Clarkson for Miss Lingerie Day 2014? Seems like a perfect fit if you ask us, and as we all know, fit is everything.

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