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The Lake & Stars for H&M
Posted by richard | March 25, 2013

The early report card for The Lake and Stars this season should read: “Plays well with others.”

Still flushed from all the praise that greeted their Valentine’s lingerie collection for Kate Spade, the New York indie label last week unveiled a big new collabo …

Rio Wrenn’s Tie-Dye Revival
Posted by richard | March 20, 2013

Tie-dye is the ugly stepsister of the fashion family: underappreciated, ignored and forced to sit at the children’s table. No one takes tie-dye seriously.

A little over a year ago, a survey named this hallmark of hippie style the worst fashion trend of the past

A Peek Inside Mira’s Treasure Trunk
Posted by richard | March 13, 2013

A few years ago you could count the number of lingerie bloggers on one or two hands. Today, though, there’s a small army of them, spurred in part by the proliferation of new fashion-focused brands and the global distribution of boutique labels made possible by …

Lulu & Kath: A Little Help For Real Moms
Posted by richard | March 12, 2013

If Mae West were in her prime today, she wouldn’t make many headlines. Her famously bawdy double entendres would sound like lame Leno ripoffs, and her brazen man-eating persona would just make her blend in with the Real Housewives crowd.

To her credit, most of …

You Won’t Like These Lingerie Ads
Posted by richard | March 10, 2013

Let’s be honest, we’re all just a little bit sick of Facebook and the relentless pressure to let our circle of fake friends know what we “like”. (If you agree, please remember to hit the “like” button at the bottom of this post!)

Now, a …

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