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Two Sides of Andres Sarda
Posted by richard | February 19, 2013

The best fashion lingerie is all about presentation, intrigue and a little deception. And no one knows this better than Nuria Sard&#225, the second-generation creative head of the esteemed Spanish brand Andrés Sard&#225, whose runway productions are masterpieces of showmanship.

The Barcelona luxury label returned to the Madrid Fashion Week yesterday, and was given the prestigious opening slot on the catwalk to mark the occasion.

The show, called Duality: Dreams of Silk and Lace, offered competing visions of femininity — dark, urban and very fashion-forward styles, alongside colorful, playful and more traditional silhouettes in fall-friendly jewel tones.

Andrés Sard&#225 was a pioneer in the development of stretch fabrics that are now commonplace in fashion lingerie, and Duality also showed the label’s continuing commitment to innovation.

The AW2013 collection presented in Madrid included a broad range of looks in layered tulle, ruffled Chantilly lace, chiffon, silk and other barely-there combinations. And for trendhunters, Sard&#225 offers several unique variations on this year’s must-have style — the head-to-toe sheer catsuit, which Sard&#225 presents in fishnet, leopard print and a dazzling paisley-like lace pattern.

Sard&#225’s runway shows are also a bit deceptive. They’re so elaborately styled and brimming with accessories it’s hard to tell what you’ll eventually find on the shop shelves.

Last year, Sard&#225 augmented its lingerie looks with boleros, top hats and tails. This year, the catwalk models were dripping in elaborately dyed animal furs, feather boas, futuristic headpieces, and leather battle gear. Chances are that If you spot an accessory piece you love, it’s not part of the collection itself.

The Sard&#225 brand is one of the few lingerie/swim names that has the global appeal to rival Italian powerhouse La Perla. And interestingly, Nuria Sard&#225 told Spanish media that the Duality collection was inspired by the Roaring 20s — a style direction that La Perla explored with its vintage-esque ‘Roaring Collection‘ a year ago.

So who captures the Jazz Age best? You decide.

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