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Stella Dreaming Of Romance
Posted by richard | February 14, 2013

This might just be the prettiest Valentine’s Day lingerie ensemble around. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait till next year to show it off.

It’s a new fuschia colorway in Stella McCartney Lingerie‘s popular Selma Dancing range, a soft silk-and-lace underwire set that first debuted a couple of seasons ago.

Once again we have the good people at Lille Boutique to thank for giving us all an early look at Stella’s new spring line.

A couple of years ago, boutique owner Sarah Wizemann came up with the brilliant idea of side-stepping the Bendon Group‘s complicated distribution and marketing schedule by shooting her own lookbook for Stella’s upcoming collections well before they reach the North American market.

The latest Lille lookbook, which showed up today as a surprise Valentine’s Day gift to fans, showcases the Stella McCartney Spring 2013 collection, most of which won’t reach North American stores until May (although some of these pieces are available in Australia, where it’s billed as the Autumn-Winter 2013 collection.)

And, once again, it’s a stunner. Stella has achieved an unrivaled marriage of style and comfort with a line of ultra-feminine styles that combine floral lace, colored silks and modern materials and hardware. It’s a simple formula, really, but executed with breathtaking delicacy and attention to detail.


This collection introduces a handful of new shapes and fabrications to Stella’s catalogue, each of them bearing a girl’s name and playful gerund … not all of which make sense.

The floral Laura Pottering range, for instance, seems to pick up from the much-loved Irene Gardening set from 2010, though we are unclear if “pottering” is something you do in a garden, or something you do to underage magicians.

There are appealing black floral lace patterns in the new Freya Filming and Yasmin Calling ranges and a flash of real opulence in Katherine Shining, a pearl grey lace set with gold foil trim.

And for traditionalists, keep an eye out for the lovely new white collection called Erin Wishing (shown above). Not strictly a bridal range, but it works as a softer alternative to the Josephine Marrying bridal line that debuted in 2011.

The secret to Stella McCartney’s meteoric success as a lingerie designer lies in her ability to create very soft looks that have a surprising amount of structure and support built-in, often hidden in seams and side panels. The result is lingerie with natural lines and a deceptively casual appearance — both of which are beautifully captured in Lille’s photoshoots.

Here are some more shots from Lille Boutique’s new lookbook for Stella McCartney 2013. See the full series here, and remember to thank Sarah and the Lille team for this important public service.

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