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Random Love Story: Free People’s Stirring ‘Roshambo’
Posted by richard | February 4, 2013

If they gave out awards for Valentine’s Day marketing, or for selling romance in general, this year’s top prize would unquestionably go to Free People‘s wonderful new film called Roshambo.

The three-minute video is the nouveau boho retailer’s first original film and it is, quite simply, a beautiful story that is beautifully told.

Roshambo stars Christopher Abbott (Girls) as a band member who bumps into an old flame, played by model Sheila Marquez, shortly before he has to catch a flight out of town. With neither one willing to declare their interest in the other, they rely on a game of rock-paper-scissors to determine what happens next.

The film follows the lovers on a magical, whirlwind tour of New York and what turns out to be, seriously, the best one-night-stand ever. Of course, most people would prefer that a new partner actually choose to stay with them, but in this case fate proves to be very kind.

According to Free People, Roshambo is meant to “embody the story that takes place in our latest catalog,” and it does so expertly and subtly. Between outfit changes, random clothes shopping and an inevitable disrobing, you get a generous look at Free People’s colorful layering pieces and its soft intimates collection.

Rashombo has the same kind of authenticity as the great found-love saga Before Sunrise (and its sequels). It’s worth watching again and again, and sharing with someone you love.

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