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Bespoke Christmas Cards, With Cups
Posted by richard | November 27, 2012

Tired of the same old selection of Christmas greeting cards with their predictable imagery and politically correct messages? Then Coco De Mer has just the thing to help you usher in the holidays with a nudge and a wink.

The UK boutique specializing in erotic lingerie and toys has teamed up with illustrator Andrea Kett to offer a series of unique Christmas cards with a slightly naughty edge — though you might need to look closely to catch all the clever references buried in Kett’s detailed creations.

There are 25 different cards available, all priced around £4-5 apiece, though some designs have already sold out.

What you get for that price are some truly unique ideas and characters that you don’t normally associate with Christmas — like the Three Queens aboard a camel, the Christmas Tree cocktail, or the Gingerbread Witch with peek-a-boo windows covering her breasts.

Our favorite, however, is the one shown above: a burlesque queen named Mary Christmas, doing her rooftop performance from a bust-shaped chimney.

Kett’s whimsical cards and prints have been collector’s items in Britain for years, and feature an oddball assortment of Tim Burton-esque characters in equally odd settings.

Give one of these wonderful handmade items to someone this holiday season and one thing will be certain: this is one card that won’t get tossed in the recycling bin when all the decorations start coming down.

Here’s a few more samples from the Andrea Kett’s erotic Christmas collection; you can see the full series on Coco De Mer’s webshop.

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