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Yes Master’s Howling New Success
Posted by richard | October 5, 2012

Yes Master is going to have to stop referring to itself as a cult label.

First, cult is very much a four-letter word these days (just ask Tom Cruise). And second, the artsy, idiosyncratic British boutique label is showing up in too many closets now to be considered anyone‘s personal fashion secret.

Since its launch in 2005, Yes Master and its founder Igor Pacemski have earned a kind of contrarian, trends-be-damned reputation. The label’s sporadic lingerie and swim collections were glamorous, ambitious and just a little odd — the sort of thing coveted by magazine photographers looking for wild, unique styles. The result, predictably, was that Yes Master ended up with many more admirers than customers.

But that’s all changing. The lingerie market has begun to embrace edgy indie labels with attention-getting looks (witness the popularity of Dirty Pretty Things, for example).

And, more importantly, Yes Master has looked toward the mainstream and found a market niche that suits its fondness for fashion expressionism — the pop-art digital print movement that has swept the fast fashion world.

Yes Master has worked with original prints in the past, but it began toying with pop prints last year in an exclusive collection for Urban Outfitters, targeting a younger crowd and much lower price point than it was accustomed to. The result was a certifiable hit; YM’s pieces sold out quickly and the partnership breathed new life into the label.

Now, even bigger news: Yes Master has been picked up by trend-conscious mega-retailer Topshop for distribution in its stores worldwide.

What caught the eye of Topshop buyers were Yes Master’s forthcoming ranges for Spring 2013 called Black Horse and Howling Wolf, featuring digital prints of leaping stallions and wailing canines. The prints have been adapted for use in plunge bras, knickers, chiffon teddies and the fringed kimono you see above.

The collection will be available next month in Topshop stores in London, New York, Moscow, Tokyo, L.A. and Sydney.

Longtime fans of Yes Master will agree that Igor and his team have paid their dues as fashion lingerie outliers and are overdue for this kind of exposure. Others will pine for those early days when Yes Master was producing elaborate feather bras and other awesome oddities. Alas, you can’t have both.

Here’s a few of the pieces you’ll find when Yes Master reaches Topshop stores.

Dark Horse balcony bra and brief
Howling Wolf teddy
Howling Wolf plunge bra and thong
Dark Horse bra and high-waisted brief
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