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Marlies Dekkers’ Viking Chic
Posted by richard | September 6, 2012

We’ve come to expect a lot from Dutch superbrand Marlies Dekkers, but we probably weren’t expecting her latest collection to be such a surprise.

The new fall collection, called Cool Scandinavia, is an eye-popping high-fashion feast with several new styles and — here’s the surprise — none of the trademarked multi-strap bra styles that have made Dekkers a household name around the world.

But don’t fret: the brand isn’t abandoning its signature look. The new collection is simply the latest step in the company’s evolution, which last year saw Dekkers moving many of her ‘basic’ styles into her revived diffusion line, Undressed. The main Marlies Dekkers label is now reserved for fashion-forward collections, like last spring’s oriental-themed Far East set.

The new collection is the result of Marlies’ travels last year across Scandinavia, which led to some of the most unusual inspirations for fashion lingerie you’re likely to find. If Scandinavian design makes you only think of IKEA, this will make you think again.

The Oseberg Queen range (above), for instance, mixes black leather and gold trim to create a fierce look that is meant as a tribute to Viking women (!) and is named for the Norwegian archaeological site near Oslo.

Another new range, Denim Sami, is named for and draws its style inspiration from the nomadic inhabitants of the far arctic reaches of northern Sweden, Norway and Finland. It’s almost certainly the first underwear collection inspired by Laplanders and shows Dekkers’ continuing determination to introduce her fans to some of the world’s most fascinating but little-known cultures.

More styles in the Cool Scandinavia collection will roll out to stores later this fall, including the blazing Eternal Sunshine and the subtle Midsummer Birch ranges — both named for some of the region’s most distinctive natural features.

Here’s an early look at what to expect:

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