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German Label Charged For This Ad
Posted by richard | August 22, 2012

Now, THIS is how you do guerrilla marketing.

The German lingerie retailer Blush Berlin defaced one of its own billboards on the weekend to show solidarity for the imprisoned Russian activists Pussy Riot — and paid a price for the stunt.

While this might sound like an opportunistic marketing ploy, Blush (which is not connected with the Canadian lingerie label of the same name) has a history of using its sexy advertising campaigns for political activism. If you are a European politician or public figure, you don’t want to become the target of one of the attention-grabbing messages from Blush and its fearless ad agency Glow. Here’s an example.

Ironically, and perhaps predictably, Blush was visited by German police hours after the Pussy Riot billboard was finished and charged with vandalism for creating ‘graffiti’. Apparently, restrictions on freedom of expression aren’t exclusive to Russia.

No word on when the show trial begins, but Blush might want to start stocking balaclavas just in case.

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