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A ‘Little Mermaid’ Lingerie Line
Posted by richard | August 15, 2012

Like a lot of Westerners, the Japanese lingerie market makes me a little uncomfortable. So much of it is too cutesy, too juvenile, and spilling over with frills, ruffles, bows and baubles of every variety — regardless of what age group is being targeted.

Japanese marketers also tend to infantilize lingerie models, turning photo campaigns into soft-core anime fantasies that appeal to both the teen market and creepy old dudes.

This campaign from a new Japanese indie label called The Little Vicious fits that pattern, while still remaining tasteful.

The pastel-hued collection of hand-made pieces is called ‘Ariel‘ after the iconic lead character from The Little Mermaid — those clamshell cups should be a dead giveaway.

Thankfully, photographer Monika Mogi avoids the temptation to give us a tarted-up Disney heroine, and instead goes for an L.A.-meets-Tokyo vibe with a tousled blonde in a straightforward poolside series.

With a name like Little Vicious, you might expect this label to be a bit edgier — straps, buckles, studs … that sort of thing. On the other hand, in the Japanese teen market, the idea of Ariel in a garter belt might just be the ultimate in badass.

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One Response to “A ‘Little Mermaid’ Lingerie Line”

  1. Lisa R says:

    I get a little nervous whenever I hear or read about lingerie based upon a cartoon series. I wonder just who that would appeal to? In this case the photo series alleviated any concerns. I do love the use of color as opposed to black and grey. Best to wait to see what is being offered rather than rely upon the “little mermaid” tag. :)

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