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The Contour Countdown: One Final Push To Find The Perfect Fit
Posted by Bryony Bennett | May 25, 2012


Seven weeks to go! A freak heat wave has hit England this week, which naturally leads everybody to believe it is summer and take this fact seriously indeed. There are ice-cream vans, barbecues and unnecessary amounts of gut on display, littering my usually mundane walk to university.

Getting into the spirit of things I have been donning my summer dresses and popping flowers in my hair, only to spend the day amidst a dark and somewhat gloomy sea of rather stereotypical boy-shapes in the plastic department.

This is quite a change from my comfort zone of 150 excessively girly girls on Contour Floor 5 (the sight of a male on Floor 5 who isn’t there to teach or mark a competition is so uncommon it will often lead to hundreds of pairs of eyelashes curiously staring as they pass through the room …)

With only two weeks till my photo shoot, I need to finalize the unique innovation within my product. This means putting aside my Cath Kidston measuring tape and sewing machine to brandish a beaten-up hammer and wield an electromagnetic machine (pictures below).

It’s taken me the whole week, and a repressed squeak or two, to develop the perfect prototype to fit into my bra. I try not to congratulate myself too much, but I am not going to lie — I am thrilled to absolute bits that it works.

To celebrate I even get an ice cream and have a bbq!

Six weeks to go. People ask me: ‘Have I learned much about plus-size cups pattern construction?’ And in all fairness I do feel I have, the most prominent discovery being — they are really, REALLY hard to develop and perfect.

There is a reason for the gaps in the plus-size market right now, something my research highlighted but I had never really fully comprehended until my 10th toile. I’d just been so sure this was ‘The One’ but after trying it on my fit model and seeing it still wasn’t perfect, I cracked ever so slightly and sat in a suspended state of horror, utterly defeated.

Samples of Strapless Bra Toiles

However, a frenzy of at least five pairs of arms came over to pick me back up. Everyone was offering their support, kind words and, even better, pointing out what I had missed with my sleep-deprived eyes — which was, of course, the blindingly obvious.

They say 13 is an unlucky number but the 13th sample, 390th pattern piece, for my bra was a success! There was definitely an uncool amount of celebrating on my part, before cracking down on the complementing pieces of the collection which (thankfully) also turned out fairly smoothly.

I even had a cheeky glass of champagne (or two) to celebrate….

NEXT: The Photo Shoot

[Editor’s Note: The Contour Fashion program at De Montfort University wraps up with the annual student catwalk show in London on June 7. Read Bryony’s earlier installments here and here.]

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