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Chantal Thomass’ Sexy Decadence
Posted by richard | May 15, 2012

The French sure do love a good revolution, especially when it involves a populist uprising against a privileged elite. Or, as they are singing ensemble in Paris today, Au revoir, M. Sarkozy!

So it was downright saucy of couture lingerie designer Chantal Thomass to commission this opulent, over-the-top photo shoot that recalls the grand decadence of pre-revolution Versailles.

The campaign, shot by Ellen von Unwerth, sets Thomass’ stunningly original styles in an ornate mid-18th Century salon, with models sporting pompadours and military tricorne hats while gorging on petits fours. You can almost hear the barbarians storming the palace gates outside.

The campaign features pieces from Thomass’ fall-winter 2012 collection and it’s bound to spark some animated discussion among politically savvy libertines who appreciate witty visuals. But it probably won’t cause any riots in the streets of Paris, except among shoppers.

After all, as these images remind us, the state — whether it’s led by a fatted monarch or an underachieving president — has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.

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  1. Elisabeth Dale says:

    OMG, love, love, love this photo shoot. Simply spectacular!!

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