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A Few Things We Know About GlobLove
Posted by richard | March 23, 2012

The Montreal newcomer GlobLove is back with a pretty spring collection that says a lot about how it views women, and a lot about this young designer label as well.

GlobLove was launched just last June by designer Liana Artinian as a way of pursuing a fashion career while supporting the non-profit group FINCA, which helps women launch small businesses in underdeveloped countries.

Her Spring/Summer 2012 collection is called Deux ou Trouis Choses que sais d’Elle … (“2 or 3 Things I Know About Her …”). With that idea in mind, here’s a few things we’ve learned about GlobLove:

  • This is one of a growing number of nouveau Parisienne labels that are interpreting French lingerie styling for the North American market. GlobLove‘s Deux ou Trois includes two style ranges that offer different takes on that approach: the frilly rose-hued Savannah line with its gorgeous girly ruffles; and the ivory lace Paris 2 p.m. set with its stunning, Damaris-inspired bodysuit.
  • Deux ou Trois has been set up to appeal to two types of personalities: the somewhat shy ingenue who favors the coquettish designs of the Savannah range, and the romantic seductress who prefers the bold fashion statements of Paris 2 p.m..
  • GlobLove is all about natural curves and silhouettes; you won’t find any wires their catalogue. This is a lace-and-mesh label that emphasizes both fit and comfort.
  • For a small operation, GlobLove puts a lot of time and thought into campaign promotions, which earns it more attention than many small labels often get. Last year’s Tim Burton-themed photoshoot was one of the year’s most memorable, and this season’s campaign (see below) hits the mark, too.
  • Every young label needs at least one simple, can’t-miss wardrobe stable to keep customers coming back. GlobLove has that with its Anais line of low-priced lace boyshorts with scalloped waistband. At $10 apiece, this item alone could do for GlobLove what the lace thong did for Hanky Panky.
  • GlobLove is growing. After launching last year strictly as an online e-tail operation, the label can now be found in lingerie boutiques across Canada.

Here are some more images from the Deux ou Trois Choses que said d’Elle … collection. You might need to brush up on your French!

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