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Ladies, is your guy man enough to be seen in a pair of powder-puff pink polka-dot boxers with a tiny heart emblem on the fly? If not, it’s time to upgrade — either the BF or his wardrobe.

The product images above and below are from the debut collection of Max Holliday, the men’s shorts line from UK designer Damaris Evans and her super-cute lingerie label Mimi Holliday. They’ll be available for purchase early next month on the Damaris webshop — just in time for stylish couples to trade Mimi-and-Max gifts for Valentine’s Day.

As a man covering the women’s lingerie market, I must confess that this is the most exciting product announcement I’ve seen in ages, and I’ll be in line on day one to grab some of these beauties.

Let’s face it, when it comes to fashionable undies, the men’s market is light years behind what’s happening in women’s intimates. It’s almost impossible to find decent boxers that don’t have a massive brand name obnoxiously imprinted on the waistband — seriously, would women tolerate that? — or stylish looks amid the ocean of blacks and grays that is the lads’ department.

There are fashion-conscious underwear options for men, but too often they are cartoonish, kitschy or aimed at the Pride Day market (sorry guys, but you know that’s true).

Max Holliday goes a long way toward rectifying that imbalance with a collection that is boyish but not juvenile, and funny without being clownish. Mostly, we just love the idea that a great women’s designer has stepped in to help elevate the men’s market and finally give all you Mimis out there the boyfriends you deserve.

Max Holliday launches with a generous collection of 12 styles with short inseams and 7 in longer legs (apparently inspired by Andre Agassi). They’re fun, frisky and more than a little feminine — all the styles bear women’s names and Damaris’s “heart” logo, and are brightened by the same pop-art color palette that Mimi Holliday uses in its women’s collections. But again I ask you: what guy out there wouldn’t benefit from just a touch more femininity to soften his hard macho edges?

Having said said, I should point out that Max undies do not feature the peek-a-book open backsides that Damaris made famous in her women’s collections!

Damaris says she started making men’s shorts for her boyfriend several years ago. He not only loved them and asked for more, but his friends started putting in requests, too.

Everything in the Max Holliday line is made from 100% cotton, and features a mix of polka dots, stripes and Liberty print in different colorways. Most unique, though, are the contrasting print linings in soft velvet ribbon. Wow!

For UK shoppers, the Max collection will be available in Harrods on Jan. 27, with prices ranging from £32 to £55. After that, the Damaris website is the next distribution point, although Damaris is hinting at a distribution deal with a a major online retailer.

It’s been just over a decade since Damaris first shook up the fashion lingerie scene with her bold designs that were as amusing as they were erotic. Will the debut of Max Holliday spark the same kind of revolution on the men’s side? We should be so lucky!

Here are a few more styles in the first Max Holliday collection. Hover over the images to see the product names.

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2 Responses to “Max Holliday for Men: Finally, Mimi Gets the BF She Deserves”

  1. Avigayil says:

    As a lingerie lover I was THRILLED when I saw this announcement on Damaris/Mimi’s website… totally thrilled. The husband… maybe less thrilled. I would love to get 3 or 4 pairs of these for my husband and dispose of his ‘others’. I do hope they pair with a major online retailer, it might make it easier to get them in Canada. :-)

    Totally loving the strategically placed heart.

  2. t_ko says:

    Max Holliday it the best men lingerie I’ve ever seen. Can you tell me about another good lingerie examples?

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