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Blush’s Sophisticated New Spring Looks
Posted by richard | January 22, 2012

Like many lingerie brands, the Canadian label Blush typically delivers two seasonal collections: a fall set of classic looks in dark and neutral shades; and a brighter, more colorful spring line.

The enthusiastic response from both retailers and consumers to Blush’s last two fall campaigns (below), however, prompted the company to re-examine that approach and its place in the lingerie market.

Simple Pleasures chemise, 2010
Naked Envy gown, 2011

The result, as you can see in the images at the bottom of this article, is a new Spring-Summer 2012 collection that picks up where Blush‘s latest fall campaign left off: plenty of dark, refined looks and hardly a trace of girly ruffles or bright summery print.

“Our spring (collection) is usually more cutesy,” Blush VP Tiffany Ajmo told Lingerie Talk. “But it almost seemed like we were two different labels.”

The Fall 2011 collection, she said, “got an out-of-this-world reaction, so we decided to follow suit for spring.”

The most distinctive feature of the 9 style ranges in the 2012 collection is the color palette: plenty of grays, blacks and neutral shades, with a couple of traditional reds in the mix and only one delicate floral print, in the Love Always series.

Blush, which is from Montreal, is often mistaken for a European label and the company is happy to keep up that illusion. There’s an old-world refinement to these looks, with many styles using scalloped lace trim and embroidery to accent body lines and lace patterns with an understated vintage feel. (That’s the Sweet Vintage line, below.)

The new Idylle style below probably captures Blush‘s sophisticated aesthetic best: with its pairing of an embroidered pattern on sheer stretch mesh, it’s fashionable, sophisticated and still modern.

Blush acknowledges its European style influences in the 2012 photo campaign below, which was shot in Montreal in a restored home with a classic Parisian balcony. The brand also offers a premium collection of the most sophisticated style ranges from its catalogue, called Black Label — the same name that was for many years associated with that undisputed industry leader, La Perla.

And this week Blush is making its European market debut, meeting buyers and retailers at the Salon International de la Lingerie exposition in Paris. That might sound like selling ice cubes to Eskimos, but the Canadian company has already had an enthusiastic response to Suite B, the label name it uses in the European market.

“We’re really excited about,” Tiffany said last week, noting that Suite B was featured in the prestigious trends forum at the huge show. “Although Blush has a European flair, it still has that North American wearability and they’re really excited about it over there.”

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The company’s goal in Paris isn’t just to sell some goods; it’s to learn what consumers want. After all, it was that kind of input that led to Blush to change style directions for its new spring line.

“More than anything, our goal is just to have good feedback on the brand,” she said. “It’s a continuous learning process, and it’s all about listening. Every season we learn and we improve.”

The images below are from Blush‘s Spring 2012 campaign, with many of the styles from the luxury Black Label collection. You can see lots more at the company’s new website, or follow the label through its new blog and social media site,

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