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It hardly seems possible, but 2012 will mark the 50th anniversary of Barbarella, the sex-in-outer-space saga featuring an underclad superheroine determined to create intergalactic peace, one orgasm at a time.

Barbarella began as a French comic book and was later turned into a memorably goofy 1968 film starring a very Bardot-esque Jane Fonda. Her iconic go-go-boots-and-plastic-bra ensemble has been a staple of adult Hallowe’en costumes ever since, and it’s inspired more than a few campy lingerie designs over the years as well.

Despite its unabashed silliness, Barbarella became a kind of tongue-in-cheek manifesto for erotic exploration and one of many artistic landmarks that defined the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Unfortunately, today Barbarella is more often viewed as a kitschy cartoon figure than a cultural icon.

This European wonder woman is long overdue for a critical reappraisal and stylistic re-interpretation. And who better to undertake that task than one of the most forward-looking lingerie designers working today?

Marika Vera, the young Mexican designer whose signature label launched last summer, has made Barbarella the central inspiration for her hotly anticipated sophomore collection, called Queen of the Galaxy.

The new set will debut next week at the Lingerie Collective exhibition in London, and will reach stores for the Autumn-Winter 2012 season.

Below are some preview images from Queen of the Galaxy, and you can spot of Marika’s style signatures: overlapping fabrics, daring hip cuts and minimalist lines that are carefully configured to accentuate the body’s erotic contours. A full lookbook and product information will be available next week.

For those unfamiliar with Marika Vera, her sensuous debut range called Venus In Furs was one last year’s most admired and heralded the arrival of a major new design talent. You can read about it here.

We’ll take a closer look at Marika and her Queen of the Galaxy once it reaches the market.

In the meantime, we’ll be busy petitioning the French to find an appropriate way to mark the Barbarella anniversary. Would a national holiday be out of the question?

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